It’s really confusing what’s on Aria’s mind right now while Eins, Zwei and Drei are under her hands, and Vier just seems so relaxed. Here comes the gigantic mountain God plus the little gods, while Takuma and Mahiro continuously protect the seal. Tamaki spends the whole night reading some books in the storage room to discover everything about the Tamayori, and meanwhile finds out that she must be strong enough for the guardians to regain their strength so that they can surpass the overwhelming power of the Logos. She runs off to tell everyone about it, however, there is Masataka in front of the temple who tells Tamaki that they are just using her. Takuma and Mahiro enter the scene to protect Tamaki, and soon after, Tamaki gets a headache which means that the seal is getting weaker again, so they run towards it while leaving Masataka. There, they watch how Eins and Zwei defeat the mountain god. Tamaki finally tells the guardians about what she had read from the book.


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