Tamaki, Takuma and Mahiro continue to search for the books about the Tamayori and the gods in the past. A book catches Tamaki’s attention wherein it states about the three gods who fought against Oni, but were defeated by Oni’s great power. As a result, they seeked help to the Tamayori princess and asked her to teach them on how to banish the Oni, or else, the Oni will grow stronger and soon will be beyond to anyone. Meanwhile Takuma discovers that there is an Oni lurking inside within his body, and believes that he is the reason behind the weakening seals. Tamaki makes her best to convince Takuma, telling him that she is the Tamayori princess who will free him all from that curse.

It seems that everything is almost revealed about the Tamayori, and romantic involvement is getting noticeable in this episode. It’s quite strange for Takuma to ask Tamaki whether she likes Mahiro since they get along well. Takuma is obviously jealous in this part, but hey, Tamaki and Takuma make a good couple. Honestly, I was expecting them to be more intimate in the last part where Takuma rested his body towards Tamaki’s shoulder, but Mahiro has been always the cause of destruction, even in the previous episode. Haha. I guess, Mahiro likes Tamaki. But let’s set aside those romantic things because the finale is approaching. There’ll be no time for those things, but I’m still hoping that Tamaki should at least end up with someone. More importantly, I do not like a tragic ending, but there is great possibility for that to occur. Well, just presuming.


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