Finally, the guardians have planned for their moves. Yuiichi and Shinji will patrol the seals, while Oomi will find out the reality behind the Bureau of Medicine. Takuma and Mahiro will protect Tamaki. Because three artifacts have been already stolen by the Logos, there’s a possibility that the seals will be getting weaker. Mahiro is surprised upon knowing that the good-looking Fiona-sensei whom he admires a lot is actually Vier, and yes, it’s really obvious from the very beginning. Mahiro’s reaction was just too funny.

Nothing important happens in this episode as it simply refreshes our mind after being so tired watching the same things from the very beginning. Admit it or not, this episode would be one of your favorite as it offers you a good fanservice that satisfies your bishie pleasure. The bath scene stimulated my neurons, and the worst, I got hemorrhage! I almost loss a large amount of blood. Haha. To see them naked is a great achievement for some viewers, including me, because I have always thought that the guardians were quite conservative, but it’s a good thing that after the ending theme, one of the guardians will entertain us by their heavenly words.

Tamaki’s reaction upon seeing them naked is just too exaggerated like an immature chic. She must have not paused like that for few seconds while seeing them almost naked if she did not actually like it. Haha. Her scream just annoyed me a lot.


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