Going back to the last part of the previous episode, we have seen how Masataka entered the scene while informing everybody that he’d like to cooperate with Tamaki and the guardians. Though he may look very suspicious for the eyes of everyone in the temple, they accepted him as a visitor for the meantime to explain his main purpose.

To begin with, he introduces about the Bureau of Medicine, a branch of government overseeing the imperial court, and also controls the Onikirimaru for its preservation. In this connection, he’d like to cooperate with the guardians and the Tamayori princess, to prevent worst scenarios, because he believes that the world will end soon if all artifacts will be stolen. Buy hey old man, what do you think of the guardians? They can actually do their responsibilities without your help. Well, you look so suspicious at all. Haha. And so, Tamaki accepts his request.

The hot headed Mahiro gets disappointed with Tamaki’s decision, and feels like they are already useless as her guardians. Yeah, you have a point for that. But for Oomi, they should follow what Tamaki has decided as the priestess. Well Oomi, you have been so gentleman from the very beginning, but I know deep inside, you’re against Tamaki’s decision that you even have your suspicion towards Masataka.

I really wonder what’s up with Shinji and Fionna sensei talking to each other in the hideous place that Tamaki sees it with her own eyes. Are they keeping secret? But I have the feeling that there’s something behind Shinji’s mind. And oh, there is Ryou who also eavesdrops the two, and perhaps, he might overhear what the two are talking talking about.

In the near end of the episode, Tamaki, Mahiro and Takuma visit the shrine to learn more about Tamayori, however, a voice follows Tamaki which makes her bother every time she moves, until such time, a bright light coming from the ceiling approaches her while it controls her mind to say those statements about the Gods and Tamayori in the past. Meanwhile, Mahiro admits that the guardians are weak to surpass the overwhelming power of the Logos and the Gods, but Tamaki still cheers the two and telling them that they should do their best. Mahiro gets even more pissed off by Tamaki’s dramatic act.

The finale of the series is nearly approaching, and I have to say that the story flows progressively while rising its very peak as this episode, though the ambiance of the series is very silent and dark, most of the time. I hope Tamaki will finally realize that she is the only key towards their success. Her gorgeous guardians are becoming weaker and weaker, so Tamaki should make compensation for being always protected by the guardians. Tamaki is just too lucky!


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