While Tamaki runs off to school, she meets the four-eyed suspicious man whom we have always seen in the past few episodes. He finally introduces himself as Masataka, Kiyono’s (Tamaki’s friend) uncle, who is a judicial officer in charge of the temple investigation, and tells Tamaki about the misfortune that might follow her. In school, Kiyono tells Tamaki that she should believe the opposite. During lunch time, the guardians cheer for her while she feels bad for her succeeding moves. Meanwhile, Mahiro sees their sensei, well, she’s Vier I guess, but everyone remains clueless. Tamaki is also starting to discover more of her power, like, seeing those little gods for few seconds, so the guardians praise her.

Before they could left off the temple, Mitsuru gives Tamaki something, a Talisman, made by her grandma Baba-sama, with years of spiritual power within them. While on their way, they finally meet again the Logos. Aria again asks Tamaki whether she wants to give up as a Tamayori princess or just die, something like that. However, Tamaki still prefers to protect everything around her.

I am still amazed how Mahiro fights with his full strength while making his aggressive attacks, and I know he’s quite careless sometimes but his ruthless attack makes him distinctive among other guardians. Yuiichi and Oomi are both passive fighter, I mean, they are more on long range attack, but their magical prowess are the best. Takuma, like Mahiro, focuses more on his short range attack, but he’s not being reckless with his moves. Despite those amazing attacks, everyone becomes weaker and weaker until Tamaki eventually utilizes the Talisman her grandma gave. And great, it actually works! But no, the Logos are just too strong. Now, for many times it happened, they are all knocked down while Aria gets another one of the artifacts. Poor guardians.


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