In the previous episode, we have witnessed the fight between the guardians and Aria’s group. Now, here comes Baba-sama facing the guardians and Tamaki. She explains that the midget blonde lady, Aria, calls herself as the Logos, a group from a distant land seeking Onikirimaru, and she admits that they are actually stronger than the guardians. As we have seen previously, they stole one of the artifacts, and according to Baba-sama, it’s impossible for Tamaki to restore the Artifact’s seal. Tamaki as the priestess should awaken the Tamayori blood and perform such rituals just to restore the seal’s power. But still, it seems like Tamaki has not discover her real capabilities yet. The guardians must also protect the remaining four seals because if Onikirimaru’s power is released the world will end.

This episode is progressing as conflicts have started to arise with the interference of Aria while planning for her moves together with the group. But seriously, her cute face is quite scary, with the flat affect she possesses, plus her sudden pop out in front of Tamaki just surprised me. Tamaki then spends her dramatic words to Aria, telling her that she wants to protect the Onikirimaru as a Tamayori princess, and more blah blah blah from her. Well, she’s good in words at all. At least, she compensates for being slow to discover her power. Takuma and Mahiro, who witness her words, feel so proud of her.

Also, I am much wondering who the gorgeous red-eyed man is, that Tamaki met. He didn’t introduce himself at all, but well, his aura looks so amazing. He’s really hot!


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