Tamaki has realized that the headache she experienced is related to the sealed barrier wherein a group of people attempted to break through it. Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, as Yuiichi names them, is a part of a single team. In this connection, Tamaki, as the Tamayori princess, wants to learn more about the sealed barrier. Well seriously, how many times does she have to try to learn about the Tamayori? It seems that she’s being slow to realize everything around her.

As they walk through Suguru’s place, their conversation with each other is funny, like when Tamaki asks the guardians what their hobbies are, it’s quite expected what they would answer because their personality speaks for them, especially for Yuiichi, who likes lying under the sun to feel relaxed.

The midget blonde girl finally enters the scene. She introduces herself as Aria Rosenberg. Together with the team, they once again enter through the barrier. I was a little surprised how Mahiro immediately attacked the group. He matches with the old man named Eins as they both unleash their magical prowess. I really admire Mahiro because he is the first one to face Aria’s group, even if it’s a bit negligent for his part. But at the end, the guardians are all knocked down and Aria gets something inside the huge radiant tree, an artifact, I guess.

Who’s that four-eyed old man in the phone station? Is he one of the spy? He has suspicious acts, trying to phone call someone to inform about Tamayori things.

At the end part of the episode, the guardians together with Tamaki face Baba-sama in the temple. How should Tamaki repond for the current situation? It seems like she has nothing to say at all. She’s too slow after all.


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