Yey! I finally met the fifth guardian of Tamayori princess, in the name of Shinji Inukai, the purple-haired cute type person of the group. Calm and kind in appearance, this man actually can’t manifest a power which made him decide to move out of the village to train just to make himself useful for the Tamayori princess. And now that he comes back, it seems that people around him, most especially Takuma, do not acknowledge his presence as they all dislike the job? It’s quite vague for me. But look how Shinji shows his skills to Baba-sama. He’s quite amazing to be a part of the guardians. The conversation of Shinji and Mitsuru is quite intriguing, too, as romantic event would start this early. But…what’s really the connection between them?

Here comes a group of villains who are trying to enter the barrier. How I wish they had match with the guardians, but this Tamaki screams so loudly. Hopefully in the near end, I will witness a good match. Let’s set aside Tamaki first. Haha. I noticed that when the near end comes, it’s the time when the villains appear. I don’t want to think the cliche part like “one villain per day, and another good day on the next day” then the cycle continues. I hope the succeeding episodes will make its progress.


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