Firstly, I’d like to comment with regards to the opening theme which has been just released in this episode. It wasn’t in my mind that it would sound so calm, but the overall aspects of the vid is just okay. The guardians are really handsome! so in love with Yuuichi! Haha. As reflected in the theme, there is still one remaining guardian that will be introduced soon. He looks so young and innocent. I wonder when he will enter the scene.

In this episode, Tamaki starts to discover herself as the Tamayori princess but no one of the guardians seem to explain what really is to be a Tamayori princess, but as a holder of Tamayori blood, her duty is to protect the Onigirimaru that barriers the area. As Oomi explains, it is protected by two seals, the Tamayori blood and the five seals known as artifacts. It’s really intriguing as to why the barrier seems to weaken as Oomi himself does not even know the reason behind it. It seems that Baba-sama has the idea about it and I am wondering what Baba-sama is thinking for now as she wants to be alone. I am presuming that someone takes the move to use the artifacts that made the barrier to be weakened. And who are those group of suspicious people?

Because of Tamaki’s willingness to learn anything about the Tamayori princess, they proceed to a warehouse wherein she is the only one who is capable to open the door which is one of the best evidences that she really has the Tamayori blood as mentioned by Oomi, plus, upon touching a certain book in there, she feels the resistance to touch it which makes them discontinue their purpose.

With this episode, our handsome guardians finally show their skills. They are so cool while seeing them fighting against those drowned gods. Takuma is the type of fighter who utilizes short range attacks with the use of his strong fist, whereas the others use mostly their magical prowess.

Overall, this episode has a progressive pacing from introducing the plot in the first episode to the development of the scene with more character development and lots would be more suspense and more actions to come. As the scene progresses, I am thinking that romance will be less focus as this anime is more on the balance of action, supernatural and school life. I therefore say that this is not just a typical reverse harem type because this anime will be much promising to show a great action-packed events.


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