A PS2 game that has been adapted into anime, Hiiro no Kakera is another reverse harem type of anime that centers on a girl in the name of Tamaki Kasuga. On her way to revisit her grandmother, an unknown creatures interrupt her way, and soon after, a guy named Takuma Onizaki (so gorgeous!) enters the scene to save her. As Tamaki arrives to her destination, her grandmother explains everything about the supernatural beings surrounding the village known as Gods. Tamaki is appointed as the Tamayori princess whose duty is to protect the Onigirimaru that barriers the village against those dangers, and also, guardians are ordered to protect the princess and Takuma whom she has met is one of them. Meanwhile, she gets to know other guardians which include Mahiro Atori, Yuuichi Komura and Suguru Oomi.

The first episode is good enough as it introduces the brief plot of the anime with the immediate introduction of the main characters which are already given emphasis as to their personality distinction and what to expect for their role. Just like any reverse harem type of anime, I am expecting the cliche part where each male characters will do something good for the heroine that makes the viewers confused of whom she’ll end up with, however, since I have not played the game, I do not think if the series involves romantic events, or maybe, if there is, a dry romance would be present.

In some points, the supernatural involvement of the anime would be quite boring, but it’s good how the creator combined it with comedy, and also, school life. The happy-go-lucky personality of Mahiro, the cool-type Yuuichi, the softhearted Oomi and the manly Takuma would make the perfect bonding as the guardians of Tamayori princess.


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