Isanami’s darkness finally awakens and starts to devour the land. While Saizou is trying to stop her, Hanzo would interrupt him to perform such act since he is after the Kushimitama. Hanzo tries to manipulate Isanami but eventually fails to do so, and as punishment he is torned into pieces upon entering the ball of darkness.

It was a great feeling that the ten braves of Sanada regained their strength and finally defeated their enemy. Rokuro who stays at the Ueda temple with Sanada tries to get out from the temple just to stop Isanami from devouring the land, even his condition seems to be still weak. What I really admire to Rokuro is his undying loyalty to Sanada, and Sanada, as we have always observed, really cares for Rokuro so much. After all, he has a big trust to Rokuro. It’s quite awkward for me to see them really close to each other in an intimate manner, but at the same time, I still feel happy with their closeness.

Saizou, who represents the light among ten braves of Sanada, enters Isanami’s darkness with his maximum strength. It is really nice to see how the light and darkness meet together which makes Isanami to be attached to reality. Thanks to Saizou who gave his dramatic phrases just to awaken Isanami’s mind.

I am not that contented with the ending. It is like rushed events to see how Isanami shows her dark side in just single episode or even half of the episode where in fact, she is the center of every point throughout the story. For me, there should be wide emphasis for her appearance. In addition, I was expecting that she would really show how tremendous her power was as a kushimitama holder as there were only minor destruction of lands.

I guess, second season is a must! There is still the presence of Date Masamune who have plan to conquer the land and also after Isanami’s kushimitama.


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