The invasion of Iga’s League of Five is still on the go, and this time, the last two members finally appear – a guy who is capable of making illusions and the cold blooded Anastasia have their match with Kamanosuke and Jinpachi, respectively. 

When Kamanosuke meets his opponent, he suddenly enters to the world of illusion, and at first, I was telling to myself that this could be real and the pretty boy Kamanosuke really looks so beautiful like a princess. I had believed, he can’t never be fooled like that, because for sure, he really values his true self and can’t easily be manipulated by dramatic acts (Well, except his interest for Saizou). And I will never ever think he could be that soft-hearted woman as he is the type of guy who totally enjoys a bloody match even to death towards his enemy. Oh, it seems that I am really protecting his identity. Yeah, I really love Kamanosuke. 

On the other side, here comes Ana vs. Jinpachi. I have to say that I didn’t focus on their battle that much, but instead, my eyes were set to Ana’s new outfit. God! She’s so damn sexy! One of the sexiest ninja I’ve ever seen. Her skills are good, too, but more on long range attacks which makes it boring in some point of her match. 

Isanami’s getting out of control upon seeing Saizou getting weaker and weaker. Skies are getting dark as it covers the sun. I guess it’s time to show the dark side of her. I wonder if the last episode is enough to cover a great finale because as I can see, it would leave a big cliffhanger. 


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