Events have already reached its peak ever since Anastasia left off from the Ueda temple, and we have just found out that she is actually serving for someone in the name of Hanzo Hattori whom you are already familiar with. It was not on my mind that she would betray her companions because at the first place, there have been no clues or any unusual acts of her, so it’s quite unexpected that she has to break her loyalty to her companions, most especially to Sanada. 

Here comes the Iga’s league of five which includes The Flash Speed, Herculian Strength, The Core, The Witchcrafter and The Cold Blood. The five are sent to annihilate Sanada’s ten braves who are protecting the Kushimitama. In addition, Anastasia (the so-called The Cold Blood I guess), and Hattori are one of those members of Iga’s league of five.

Sasuke and Kakei match with Kaiyo, the Witchcrafter, or also known as the Insect Master. On the other side of episode, Benmaru and Miyoshi have their battle with Byakugun, the so-called The Herculian, while Saizou fights with Hattori. To tell my honest comment, the ten braves of Sanada are just too weak to fight against their enemy although their teamwork (especially Sasuke and Kakei) shows a good harmony while unleashing their best skills, but still, they are close to be defeated by their opponent.


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