At last, after a series of episodes, the ten braves of Sanada has been completed and now, they finally head back to the Ueda temple to officially welcome the new members. The first part of this episode centers on the explanation of Sanada about the ten braves – his purpose of gathering them and the elements that each of them represents. So, Saizou represents the light whereas, Isanami holds the symbol of darkness, and I am not surprised anymore why she represents the darkness since we all know she holds the powerful tool, the Kushi-mitama, that can bring out tremendous destruction to the land.

This episode shows the point where the anime begins to reveal its unexpected events as Anastasia’s betrayal is quite intriguing and begins her moves as she attacks Rokuro to get the writings of Sanada which is stored at Rokuro’s right eye. Though he fails to protect Sanada’s writings, I am still amazed how he faces Ana so seriously because I know, Rokuro is very loyal to Sanada.

I never expect that Anastasia is serving for someone. Perhaps, she has gathered a lot of infos from her long stay at the Ueda temple, but the question, to whom is she serving? I am much excited for the next episode.


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