The journey of Sanada and company continues while Date’s plan to fight against Sanada and to grab Isanami’s Kushi-mitama is still on the go. It shows how the storyline focuses on a single point and perhaps, it is quite acceptable since the anime is closely approaching its finale, so there would be no reason, I guess, to add side stories which would create fillers.

The ten braves of Sanada is finally showing their teamwork as evident when fighting against Date and his subordinates. I really like how Kamanosuke shows his whirlwind attack towards his opponent as he fights by his maximum abilities and without hesitating with his acts, he would fight his enemy even to death. Kamanosuke and Saizou really has a perfect combination among the ten braves of Sanada. Saizou finally shows his willingness to be teamed up with Kamanosuke, though sometimes he is being annoyed when Kamanosuke shows his love interest for Saizou.

While fighting against Date, Saizou shows his powerful skills as Iga Ninja, but as he introduces himself, he does not consider himself as Iga Ninja, instead he proudly says he is Kirigakure Saizou, and now he is not afraid any longer to fight for someone. Thanks to the people around him who made him realize how important is to care for other people.

At last, here comes the tenth brave of Sanada in the name of Jinpachi. Rude and arrogant in appearance, this guy actually lives in a simple way through staying at his ship and having a good time with his fellow pirates. At the end, he willingly joins Sanada to complete the ten braves.


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