Brave 10 consists of 12 episodes and we’re almost halfway to the finale, but so far, it has not touched yet the peak of the anime since usually, we can get the excitement from it when we almost reach the half of the series. Probably, things will be getting exciting after ten braves of Sanada gather. Nevertheless, this episode still never fails to catch our eyes through the adventurous journey of our beloved characters.

The first half of the episode focuses on a new character. Sanada, Saizou, Rokuro and Isanami set out for another journey going to Kyou. While on their way, they meet a little boy who directs the alternative pathway to Kyou. Meanwhile, they encounter a lot of traps such as fireworks, gunpowders and other pyrotechnic devices and they soon find out that the little boy whom they have passed by is the person responsible for all these traps. He introduces himself as Rokuro, however, Sanada decides to call him Benmaru since he has the same name as Rokuro to avoid confusion. At the end, Sanada accepts Benmaru’s desire to join the group.

Continuing the journey, they finally head to Kyou where they attend the meeting with the lords and thereafter, the confident Date Masamune who arrives late would want to show off his skills thus he challenges Sanada for a fight. Even though Sanada is being offered by a sword, he does not hesitate to use his personal weapon which is the fan, whereas, Date uses his own sword. The battle ends when Sanada kicks the sword out of Masamune’s hand.

I did not appreciate much the battle of sword and fan. Perhaps, I would have enjoyed if Saizou ended up to fight Date since they both actually possess the same weapon, like, swordfighting as true samurais. I hope the succeeding episodes would start to rise the peak of the storyline, probably, after all ten braves are introduced, then events would be getting exciting.


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