The first half of the episode centers on a new character, introducing Miyoshi Seikai Nyudo who was a resident of Izumo shrine before he set out for a journey. He reveals himself as the brother of Isanami. Well, not literally as he just adopted Isanami in the Izumo shrine when he was about 8 years of age.

Miyoshi appears to be the hot-headed guy when somebody’s against his will as evident in the scene where he does not want to pay Kakei for his foods, then leading them to get into fight. But, he also has a soft side for Isanami as he offers his brotherly love for her, and would get jealous when Isanami gets closer to Saizou.

I find the other scenes as fillers, but I still enjoyed watching. The hotspring scene is totally funny especially the conversation of Isanami and Ana because Isanami wants to be a big-breasted too like Ana.


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