Isanami is getting depress and spacing out after it was revealed that she owns the Kushimitama that could bring out tremendous power and could conquer any land, and that is why Date Masamune, who kidnapped Isanami in the previous episode, is interested with it to make himself the god of the world and revolutionize it in his own way. So, as it was mentioned, Kushimitama is one of those four treasures known as Mitamas, and were originally created by men seeking great power without requesting the help of gods.

It is quite obvious that Saizou starts to care for Isanami, like, he wants to rescue her from Masamune’s hand. It simply shows his soft side towards others but somewhat afraid to show it for some reasons, but as I can see, he really holds a dark feeling that he only wants to care for himself, but eventually learns how important is to be with other’s side.

Sasuke and Anastasia actually seem to be the perfect combination among the ten braves of Sanada. While Anastasia has this amazing frozen ice creation which serves as his long range attack, Sasuke does not fail to show his skills as a Koga ninja. They both set out from the Ueda temple to rescue Isanami. However, Isanami wants to isolate herself because of the Kushimitama she owns which she thinks the very reason why everyone’s suffering to death. But in the end, Isanami decides to fight for herself strongly as what others do in order to achieve a peaceful life.


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