Saizou, Isanami and Kakei finally reach the Izumo temple which was burnt down by the assassin Hanzo Hattori. The three search for the unknown mystery within the shrine, and thereafter, Saizou finds out a crooked Yin Yang symbol which is embedded on the ground, while Kakei tries to fix it but seems not to be the person who is capable of doing such. So, Isanami, as she knows herself, believes that she can make some moves in the symbol, and it actually opens which would direct them to the underground. As they reach the dead end, Saizou finds out a writing on the wall but he can not actually read since it is written in Izumo language and even Isanami can not.

It was really surprising how Hanzo entered the scene, and as I have expected, they are really after Isanami’s hairpin which is revealed to be the Kushimitama that the high priest gave to her in the Izumo shrine. Saizou once again matches with Hanzo and this time, their match becomes rather interesting unlike the previous one which I did not enjoy. In the other side, Kakei finally shows his skills as he matches with the big-breasted lady who has the ability to make illusions for her opponent.

I didn’t expect that this bloodthirsty Yuri Kamanosuke would again appear in this episode. He enters the scene with a simple whirlwind attack when Saizou helplessly fights with Hanzo, but still, Yuri can not surpass Hanzo’s skill. I found out that Yuri has taken interest to Saizou which is evident when he states that he would always want to take a match with him, and Saizou agrees with it and mentions that he would want to until Yuri cries.

After Hanzo’s defeat, another character tries to interrupt their journey and introduces himself as Date Masamune while he takes away Isanami from them. Is he also after the Kashimitama? Well, probably.


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