Another journey has began for Saizou and Isanami to find out what is behind in the Izumo temple, the connection of Isanami as the shrine maiden and why the villains would want to capture her. Together with Kakei, the new character, the three set out for their new journey.

So, Saizou is really a part of 10 braves under Sanada Yukimura as mentioned by Kakei, and also Isanami is a part of it. Other members of 10 braves include Rokuro, Sasuke, Ana and also, Kakei. I am looking forward to the other members, and yes, at least they will introduce to me the young looking character just like Sasuke Sarutobi. He’s indeed a cute guy from the very beginning of the anime.

Yuri Kamanosuke is the villain in this episode. I was a bit confused at first with regards to his gender. I really thought this guy was a “she” from the way he talks, but well, he does have actually the anatomy of the bishounen, however, you should not be deceived from the way he looks because this character loves to kill, literally.

I wonder if Saizou would eventually fall in love with Isanami as they’re becoming closer to each other, but nothing will change the fact that Isanami is too annoying.


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