Episode 2 simply shows the progressing events in the storyline. Another character enters the scene, introducing Ana who is also a skilled ninja and a childhood friend of Saizou. This character would be one of my favorite in this anime because of her strategic ninja moves and her bravery is enough to enumerate my reasons.

Isanami is becoming annoying. She always sticks to Saizou wherever he goes out for a journey, but I understand her behavior which is related to her recent tragic memory, but still, it’s not an excuse to always cling onto Saizou which is, in fact, a bother to him.

Villains already interrupt their journey and they are after with the Izumo shrine Maiden, Isanami. I am wondering what’s with this lady that they really would like to capture her. Maybe, there are mysteries in the Izumo temple which are still unknown. The assassin, if you still remember the one responsible for attacking Izumo, once again shows in this episode and matches with Saizou. It’s quite a boring match for me and I find the contenders being incompatible to each other, but still, the overall events in this episode are good enough.


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