I was looking for a worth-watching anime that would definitely meet my current preference, and I found Brave 10 as the one to include in my list. With much excitement, I first watched the trailer then I presumed that this is another anime with the Shinsengumi involvement as characters have the samurai appeal like those in the prehistoric times in Japan, and the setting is evident that it seems to close the reality.

The first episode starts with a flashback which is quite vague for the entrance of the anime. As the present event finally starts, you’ll get to see the main character, Saizou, who finds himself being knocked down in the middle of the forest but still seems oriented as to where he is. Meanwhile, he meets this beautiful lady, Isanami, who looks frightened, only to find out that she is being chased by a group of ninja, and without a choice, Saizou decides to save the life of this lady. Isanami would really want to be with Saizou and would want him to help her to look for Sanada Yukimura in the Ueda temple, but Saizou seems to be annoyed with the lady, but eventually decides to help her. There, they meet Sanada whom Isanami begs help for their lost temple, the Izumo temple. Soon after, Saizou finds out that Isanami is the maiden of Izumo temple, the place where she left off after an unknown assassins burned the entire place. The head priest, while he was being attacked by an assassin, let Isanami escape from the tragic event and gave her the power to protect her from darkness.

Episode 1 has a good start. As I thought it would be, it actually involves the character of samurais and ninjas which also makes me remind of the anime Hakuouki with its bishounen characters as to this anime. The plot is somehow cliche for some viewers but, as what I assume for now, it would give the best events among other historical related anime because the first episode already shows how exciting the anime it would be with its immediate character development and the fast pacing storyline. However, it somehow fails to meet my thought that the anime would be close to reality because the characters possess their magical prowess instead of only using their skilled natural attacks as samurais or ninjas, and in addition, the design of the characters does not involve traditional concept despite its historic setting.

Saizou would be one of the reasons why some viewers will keep their eyes in this anime. Aside from his Bishounen appeal, his character tends to be the cold-type yet in the end, he’ll be the most awaited savior against the enemies. This nature of Saizou is evident when he would always choose to help Isanami in this episode despite his rude side towards her.

Other characters which are introduced in this episode include Sasuke Sarutobi and Rokuro. Sasuke is a ninja whom they meet on their way to Ueda temple. This guy just seems to be the arrogant-type, but has the amazing skills in terms of his agility and offensive attacks towards his enemies.

The opening theme doesn’t give enough excitement, so prior to the episode proper, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy watching this anime, but I did enjoy actually.

Overall, Episode 1 is not bad at all. It’s a must watch for those who are looking for a good action-packed anime with historical involvement.


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