I’ve decided to watch Paradise Kiss because of Yusuke Yamamoto, my favorite Japanese actor, is one of the cast. Upon watching, I realized that I was not just eyeing on him, but rather I was hooked up to the whole aspects of drama such as the interesting storyline which focuses on fashion designing.

I did not have the chance to read the manga nor watch the anime, so I am not capable of comparing them to the live action. Nevertheless, I’d love to make a short review for this interesting movie in terms of its wholeness. I have some backgrounds of it anyway.

Yukari Hayasaka is our ordinary high school student who wants to pass for her university entrance exam, however, the truth is, she doesn’t know the meaning of life. Everything changes when one day, she is kidnapped by a group of fashion artists, headed by George Koizumi, who want Yukari to be the model for their school’s fashion show. It’s a challenge for Yukari whether to prioritize her studies as wanted by her mother, or start with her new life in the world of fashion.

A manga written by the popular Ai Yazawa, Paradise Kiss is a romantic movie that involves fashion designing. The storyline has its uniqueness at some points because it primarily focuses on fashion designing rather than the romantic events in the series, but it is still amazing how they manage to balance the genre of the movie which is a mix of romance and drama. Most of the scenes in the movie are full of vibrant colors as beautiful dresses always pop out along with the beautiful muses.

With regards to the cast, the female protagonist Keiko Kitagawa who plays the role as Yukari Hayasaka, is really a beautiful actress. The role is suitable for her because of her elegant and beautiful face, and acts outstandingly as she is well-versed of her role as Yukari. I love how they make her progress in the movie from a typical high school student who transformed elegantly into a pretty lady.

The very stunning actor Osamu Mukai who plays the role as George Koizumi is good with regards to his acting as he expressed his enthusiasm for the role. He looks so elegant and mature enough as a fashion designer which make his role suitable for him.

Since I am a big fan of Yusuke Yamamoto, I would always anticipate for his scenes in the movie, but, they didn’t give him a big part. It’s okay because he’s a secondary cast in the movie anyway. I observed that Yusuke didn’t give his best for his role as Tokumuri (well, it’s just me), probably because of the personality of the character which I’ve never seen to Yusuke – a humble prodigy and intelligent student as Tokumuri.

As for me, I am not into fashion designing, but the irony is, I love this live action so much that I even forgot that my favorite actor, Yusuke Yamamoto, was there. Anyone who is a fashion designer or who loves the colorful world of fashion will definitely love this movie. Also, if you’re looking for a good blend of romance and drama, then Paradise Kiss would be one of your best heart-warming movie to include in your toplist.

Overall, I would rate this movie as 4.5 over 5.


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