Finally, the last episode is here. It seems that Sion failed to kill Ryner under his own arms as Sion eventually gave his own body to the so-called “Black Hero” who, in the later part of the episode, tried to conquer other countries. I don’t know why Sion did not able to counteract the dark side within his body. Probably, it’s because he is being manipulated by his desires for the country which, we can see, really matters to him, letting himself to be consumed by the “Black Hero”. Ryner and Ferris ran away out of the country to continue their new journey. 

It was indeed an interesting finale though it left off with a huge cliffhanger. Argh! Everything in my mind remained unanswered. Season 2, please. Well, there are some reasons why the anime needs season 2, such that, the finale left the anime so open ended without showing the outcome of Sion’s invasion towards other countries. Another reason is that, just look at Ferris new outfit as she and Ryner proceed to their new journey. The fact that the last episode remained cliffhanger makes me more excited to look forward for the next season, and hopefully, there is. 


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