Upon I started to watch this episode, I had the feeling that there would be something bad to happen, probably because of Sion’s mind became negative as he was being controlled by the evil one, and the fact that Ryner might be killed under Sion’s arms. 

This episode was more on Sion’s birthday, but everything turned out to be more serious as the episode reached its end. It was really entertaining how Ryner used his magic to make such beautiful fireworks. 

The atmosphere became dark and serious as Sion came to approach Ryner. They dropped to a place where they first met while Ryner was explaining how he appreciated Sion as his best friend and his trust in him on creating a world where everyone can live happily. 

Along with their conversation, it was a sudden event how Sion attacked Ryner. What surprised me was that, not because of why he attacked Ryner (because I know Sion’s negative mind, yes), but it’s because the scene was really out of the blue, without prior notice.

The last remaining episode, I presume, will be a more exciting event. I still hope I will be contented with the finale. 


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