Ryner and Ferris finally reunited. It seems that Sion has this evil side which is activating as we can observe that he feels something bad within his body. So, I presume, he is under control of his other self, perhaps, the evil Sion? 

The other plot of the episode focused on Milk Callaud who felt something strange going around the Roland. She didn’t know anything while the other Taboo squad people were aware on the things happening in Roland. So, Milk witnessed the assassination going around the place. The question, who is the person responsible for this? Is it the King himself? 

I believe, there are answers for all the questions running in my mind as the episode goes on. So, 3 episodes to go. However, I still think it’s not enough for the remaining episodes to solve all the problems, unless the anime will have a fast track method towards the end, or with disappointment, the ending might be left off with cliffhanger. 


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