We’ve seen in the previous episode this pink-haired guy, Lir, as he popped out while Ryner called his attention, plus, the appearance of Luke is out of the blue who followed Sion’s order to eliminate Ryner. So, there were two fighting scenes in this episode. Ryner primarily fought with Luke while Liir was watching them. Inside the orphanage, Tiir was there, with the cursed eye kids, who felt something strange happening from the outside. 

As what I expected it would be, Ferris really entered the scene while he tried to protect Ryner as Luke was about to slam Ryner with his weapon. It’s really surprising that Ferris prioritized to look for Ryner rather than spending her time in the Dango shop. Haha. Well, she really cares after all. 

Meanwhile, a sudden explosion happened in the orphanage. Yikes! This Lir guy is on the go. Tiia was protecting those kids while he was holding his wounded body. It was brutal, really brutal as you can’t no longer take to watch it, how this merciless Lir killed Rafra and Pueka, the cursed eye children. Aw, why does he need to kill those cursed eye wielder? I really hate Gastark people! Argh! 

There was sort of confession stuff going in this episode while Ferris was trying to stop Ryner to get berserk because she did not want Ryner to die as she gives him a sad look, and said that she never didn’t think that he is a monster. She also added that she would be lonely without Ryner. Ahh, can this be love? Haha. 


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