So, Ryner and Tiia are getting along well, together with the cursed eye children in the orphanage. Tiia would really want to protect these kids as he even encouraged Ryner to look after them. However, at the middle of the night, here comes the pink-haired guy, Lir (from Gastark, right?) who has been quietly looking after them. At the same time, Luke also popped out and introduced himself as the vice captain of the Taboo Break Pursuit Squad and he was there to get rid of Ryner, following Sion’s orders. 

With regards to Ferris who has been worried of Ryner’s absence, it is sort of confession when she mentioned in the dango shop that it’s boring for her to be alone. Well, this statement of her supports the fact that her feelings for Ryner is on the rise. I can see that his absence makes her heart grows faster. Haha. But well, I’m not that sure what she really feels for Ryner. Let’s just skip for that romantic stuff. Haha. 

Seriously, I easily get irritated with the king of Gastark as if Kiefer likes him back. It’s really annoying how he forced Kiefer to get married with him, with the wedding dress that he offered, but surprisingly, the dress suits Kiefer. The king of Gastark is, like, bounded by his own fantasy. 


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