I really felt sad for Ryner in this episode. The fact that his Alpha Stigma could bring destruction to everyone’s lives made him decide to move out of Roland. Since he considers King Sion as his best friend, Ryner would really want him to achieve his goal as a King, a world where everyone can live happily, as frequently mentioned in the series. Thereafter, he joined forces with the new character, introducing Tiir, the new cursed eye wielder, the wielder of the Inno Douee cursed eyes. At first glance, he really seems so rude and merciless guy that everyone should be scared of. However, in the later part of the episode, we can say that, despite being a cursed eye wielder, he is also a nice guy who cares for those people of the same race as he is. 

It is observed in this episode that Ferris really cares for Ryner. I smell a love triangle along Ryner, Ferris and Kiefer. Yikes! I don’t want this series to turn out into a more romantic atmosphere. But thankfully, the series does not focus on romance at all. 


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