In a way to search her father, Chizuru Yukimura moves to Kyoto. She happens to witness a fight between Shinsengumi (a specialized force in Shogunate period) and Rasetsu. These Shinsengumi members are also looking for Chizuru’s father who is known to be a skilled doctor. Together with the Shinsengumi, Chizuru is under the care of these people while searching her father. Chizuru wants to be a big help for everyone in order to protect Kyoto.

The series has a simple storyline yet very historical to be considered as close to reality. The main point of the plot is protecting Kyoto, where in the Shinsengumi needs to be alert when disaster arises. The story is not confusing, unless you are not familiar with some Japanese historical terms such as Shinsengumi, Shogunate, etc. As for me, the things that I am not familiar are the places and battle name mentioned in the series.

I’d say that the notable factor in the series is the characters. Of course, most fangirls love bishounens, having those splitted beautiful eyes and long shiny hair, and with the best outfit. Seriously speaking, characters are really well-designed, thus looking attractive for the viewers. I’m not after with the bishie aura, but on how this game-based anime made the characters as better as they could. The series is very high in percent in terms of gore factor, but I like it that way, because it makes the anime very realistic as the Shogunate period. I’ve realized that the name of the characters are based on the Japanese historical period. Settings are good too. It’s really an old Japanese history, with some are open field to set a war.

Opening and ending themes are good. It makes me wanting to download those. Hehe. Well, I like the 2nd opening more. It has the feeling of the anime’s climax.

Overall, I would rate the anime as 9/10. It’s almost perfect for me. If you appreciate Japanese history and you’re looking for an anime filled with sword fighting, then you would find the series really interesting. But if not, watching just the first episode would be boring for you.


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